Socio del Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco
di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene
Azienda Agricola VETTORI
San Pietro di Feletto (TV)

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The vineyard is located in a sunny valley just some 8 km out into the hillside from Conegliano Veneto. Nature flourishes and thrives in this wondrous peaceful oasis.

The Vettori farm was re-established in 1990 thanks to the determination of wanting to entirely restructure the vineyard and improve the quality of the grapes to be thereafter processed in the cellars.

To this purpose, we made the plantation thicker and chose different clones for each grape variety in order to compound the features of different kinds of grapes, each having a peculiar nuance. Integrated pest management was put in place to fight back the threats of vine growth so that the grapes have become healthier and at the same time resilient.

The harvest out in the vineyard is thereafter followed by careful vinification in the cellars and a series of processes where timing is set by nature's watch and not by the wine machines. What results is a family of wines gifted with unique personality, a set of wines endowed with the unique features of the grapes of this land.

Az. Agr. Vettori di Arturo Vettori - Borgo America, 26 - 31020 San Pietro di Feletto - Treviso - ITALY
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